Alaska 01.05.09

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Pictured below are this past weeks Steelhead.  Alexi landed this big male on the spey with his black and blue magic fly.  When we entered this small pool he hooked 3 fish in 20 casts with a orange fly, all to elude him.  After many casts with no fish, Alexi changed flies to different color, the second cast he landed this big male.  When Alexi hooked his first fish in this pool it took on the danlge and when he set the hook the rod stopped like it was on a large rock.  In fact we both looked at each other wondering if it was a fish, he quickly gave me the nod and the beast moved into the top of the pool in the deep fast holding area.  It then decided to make his move downstream with a screamin roar, all to have this huge Steelhead spit the hook.  Alexi saw a small glimpse of this fish and said it was very thick.  The good stories are always about the one that got away.

Also attached is the Steelhead queen, Brenda Kochan, with a chrome female she landed, as you can see this fish is very healhy and fresh from the sea.

Most of April was very cold and snowed allot so the catching was slower than usual.  Now that water temps have risen to 4-5C the fishing has finally started to turn, and this year the fish are very large.  Local anglers are chin waggin that 30 plus pound fish are not uncommon and the largest some of the locals have even landed. These guys have put 250-300 Steelhead on the bank over the years so I am happy to say we have a fantastic fishery.  May is peak season and with the fish late this year the next 2 weeks are going to be super, not to mention the fresh Chinook coming in very soon.